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Late Adult and Interval Pipelines

To capture the ageing data Late Adult and Interval pipelines have been added. The data for these time points are captured as centre specific pipelines as there is variation between the centres in the timings and the tests being performed. The Late Adult pipeline is based on the Early Adult pipeline with exclusions of some procedures. For example hearing based tests can be excluded due to expected deafness in the baseline. The testing for the Late Adult pipeline starts at 52 weeks or later. The Interval pipeline is the intervening period between the other two pipelines. The approach is less standardised over this period, although the pipelines include health monitoring related procedures such as body weights.

Specimens which participate in experiments are annotated with the stage of life the specimen was in at the time the experiment was conducted. The full list of stages appears below:

Term IDTerm nameDescription
IMPCLS:0001E9.5Embryonic day 9.5
IMPCLS:0002E12.5Embryonic day 12.5
IMPCLS:0003E15.5Embryonic day 15.5
IMPCLS:0004E18.5Embryonic day 18.5
IMPCLS:0005Early adultTime period less than 16 weeks of age
IMPCLS:0006Middle aged adultTime period between 16 and 48 weeks of age
IMPCLS:0007Late adultTime period greater than 48 weeks of age