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Data visualization

The IMPC website incorporates in-house developed, bespoke tools to visualize high-throughput phenotype data. 

The IMPC is developing specialized tools to visualize the raw and curated high-throughput phenotype data collected, as well as the results from the statistical pipelines applied to analyse the data. Data organization is gene-centric.

The following pages can be found on the IMPC website:

  • Gene pages: one available for virtually every mouse protein-coding gene
  • Phenotype pages: one available for every phenotype under investigation
  • Chart pages: accessible from gene and phenotype pages
  • Research Highlights pages: data focusing on a particular theme or physiological system
  • Advanced Tools pages: additional ways to visualize the data

All can be directly accessed from the IMPC Homepage, except for the Chart pages, which are accessible from gene and phenotype pages.

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