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Data fields

The IMPC uses consistent field names across many of its data cores. The following table provides a summary of the biologically-relevant fields.

Field nameDescription
mp_term_idIdentifier of a mammalian phenotype
mp_term_nameName of a mammalian phenotype
top_level_mp_term_idIdentifier of a top-level phenotype in the mammalian phenotype ontology
top_level_mp_term_nameName of a top-level phenotype in the mammalian phenotype ontology
top_level_mp_term_definitionDefinition of a top-level phenotype in the mammalian phenotype ontology
top_level_mp_term_synonymAlternative names of a top-level phenotype in the mammalian phenotype ontology
intermediate_mp_term_idIdentifiers of all phenotypes in the mammalian phenotype ontology up to a top-level term
intermediate_mp_term_nameNames of all phenotypes in the mammalian phenotype ontology up to a top-level term
intermediate_mp_term_definitionDefinitions of all phenotypes in the mammalian phenotype ontology up to a top-level term
intermediate_mp_term_synonymAlternative names of phenotypes in the mammalian phenotype ontology up to a top-level term
marker_symbolMouse gene symbol
marker_accession_idMouse gene identifier
colony_idColony identifier
allele_nameName for genotype allele
allele_symbolAllele symbol
allele_accession_idAllele stable identifier
strain_accession_idIdentifier for mouse strain
genetic_backgroundName of mouse strain
phenotyping_centerName of institution where phenotyping was performed
project_nameShortened name of research project under which phenotyping was performed
project_fullnameFull name of research project under which phenotyping was performed
resource_nameShortened name of resource for which phenotyping was performed
resource_idIdentifier of resource for which phenotyping was performed
resource_fullnameFull name of resource for which phenotyping was performed
sexSex of the mutant specimens
zygosityZygosity of the mutant specimens
pipeline_nameName of IMPRESS pipeline
pipeline_stable_idIdentifier of IMPRESS pipeline
pipeline_stable_keKey of IMPRESS pipeline
procedure_nameName of phenotyping procedure
procedure_stable_idIdentifier of phenotyping procedure
procedure_stable_keyKey of phenotyping procedure
statistical_methodName of statistical procedure
percentage_changeMeasure of effect size for continuous data
p_valueP-value from a statistical procedure
effect_sizeEffect size
phenotype_sexSex of specimens assigned a phenotype
parameter_nameName of phenotyping parameter
parameter_stable_idIdentifier for phenotyping parameter
parameter_stable_keyKey for phenotyping parameter
control_selection_methodStrategy used to select a control set of animals for a statistical test
dependent_variableVariable tested in a statistical test
metadataDescription of conditions under which data was collected
metadata_groupCollection of specimens that were tested under the same experimental conditions
male_control_countNumber of male specimens in control group
male_mutant_countNumber of male specimens in experimental group
female_control_countNumber of female specimens in control group
female_mutant_countNumber of female specimens in experimental group
statusStatus code from a statistical analysis
additional_informationAny additional information about a calculation
raw_outputString or output produced by R during a calculation
categoriesCategories of data
categorical_p_valueP-value from a statistical test using categorical data
categorical_effect_sizeMaximal percentage change for categorical data
batch_significantFlag if batch is significant or not
variance_significantFlag if variance is significant
null_test_p_valuesignificance of a statistical test
genotype_effect_p_valueSignificance of genotype effect
genotype_effect_stderr_estimateEstimate of the standard error of genotype effect
genotype_effect_parameter_estimateEffect size estimate of genotype effect
sex_effect_p_valueSignificance of sex effect
sex_effect_stderr_estimateEstimate of the standard error of sex effect
sex_effect_parameter_estimateEffect size estimate of sex effect
weight_effect_p_valueSignificance of weight 
weight_effect_stderr_estimateEstimate of the standard error of weight effect
weight_effect_parameter_estimateEffect size estimate of weight effect
group_1_genotypeGenotype of first group (usually +/+)
group_1_residuals_normality_testSignificance that group 1 conforms to normal distribution
group_2_genotypeGenotype of second group (usually colony ID)
group_2_residuals_normality_testSignificance that group 2 conforms to normal distribution
blups_testBest linear unbiased prediction test
rotated_residuals_testAdditional statistical model details; see PhenStat documentation
intercept_estimateAdditional statistical model details; see PhenStat documentation
intercept_estimate_stderr_estimateAdditional statistical model details; see PhenStat documentation
interaction_significantFlag for signifcance of sex*genotype interaction
interaction_effect_p_valueSignificance of sex*genotype interaction
female_ko_effect_p_valueSignificance of the female genotype
female_ko_effect_stderr_estimateStandard error estimate of the female genotype
female_ko_parameter_estimateEffect size of the female genotype
male_ko_effect_p_valueSignificance of the male genotype
male_ko_effect_stderr_estimateStandard error estimate of the male genotype
male_ko_parameter_estimateEffect size of the male genotype
classification_tagSummary of a statistical test
omero_idIdentifier in the OMERO image system
download_urlURL of original image (dicom, tiff, or jpeg)
jpeg_urlURL of a high-resolution image file
gene_accession_idIdentifier of mutated gene
gene_symbolSymbol of mutated gene
allele_accession_idIdentifier of mutant allele
allele_symbolSymbol of mutated gene in allele
biological_sample_groupIndicator if specific is member of control group or experimental group
experiment_source_idIdentifier of experiment at the center that performed it
observation_typeType of experiment, e.g. categorical, unidimensional, multidimensional, time series, metadata
date_of_birthDate the specimen was born
date_of_experimentDate when data was collected
weightWeight of specimen
weight_parameter_stable_idIdentifier for weight parameter
weight_dateDate when weight was observed
weight_days_oldAge of specimen, in days, when weight was observed
data_pointMeasured value
order_indexIndicating order
dimensionIndicating dimension
time_pointIndicating time when data was measured
discrete_pointIndicating the discrete point
categoryIndicating the category to which specimen has been classified
valueValue of metadata

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