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Register Interest

Follow genes on the IMPC website

The IMPC website offers the possibility to indicate interest in a gene and get updates on its status. Simply click to follow!

You can follow IMPC genes by clicking on the “Log in to follow” in the search result list or next to the gene name at the top of the Gene page.

This will allow you to receive updates on the gene status, for example, when production or phenotyping gets started. An IMPC account is required to register interest, and the interface will help you to do this. Simply follow the steps!

By registering to follow, the IMPC receives information on interest on specific genes by the community.

Looking up Cib2 in the search box of the IMPC website shows what data and products are available for this gene
The top section of the Cib2 gene page

On the My genes page you will be able to see the genes for which you have registered interest. On this page you may:

  • Create a new account or log in to an existing account;
  • Reset your password by clicking on “Reset your password”.

Once logged in, you may:

  • View the status of the genes you are following;
  • Unfollow genes by simply clicking the “Unfollow” button;
  • Logout, reset your password or delete your account by clicking on the corresponding link.