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Embryo image data

The Interactive Embryo Viewer allows users to visualize 2D and 3D embryo image data

The IMPC has established a systematic phenotyping pipeline to morphologically evaluate mutant embryos to ascertain the primary perturbations that cause early death and thus gain insight into gene function. Embryo gross morphology and 2D and 3D imaging procedures are performed on lethal lines, as determined by the IMPC Viability Primary Screen procedure. Up to a third of homozygous knockout lines exhibit a lethal phenotype, which means no homozygous mice, or less than expected (based on Mendelian ratios), are observed at the pre-weaning stage. Death occurs during embryonic development or soon after birth. As determined in IMPReSS (see interactive diagram), all lethal lines undergo gross morphology assessment at E12.5 (embryonic day 12.5) to determine whether developmental defects occur earlier or later than this stage of embryonic development. A comprehensive imaging platform is then used to assess dysmorphology.

The IMPC phenotyping pipelines, showing the embryo phenotyping pipeline in the bottom left panel of this figure

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