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Ordering Products

One of the IMPC’s aims is to make the products produced as part of the phenotyping process available to the wider community.  The search results display a summary of products that are available for a gene.

Looking up Cib2 in the IMPC search box allows to find out what data and products are available for this gene

You can then click on the Order Mice button which will take you to the Order product section of the Gene page. The products are organized in a table. Each row represents an allele. 

The initial display shows the allele symbol, the allele type, and the products available for that allele.  Clicking on the “plus” icon will display more details about the products for the allele, including:

  • A diagram (if available) of the intended allele,
  • Tabs that indicate Mice, ES cells, and/or Targeting vectors are available to order,
  • A tab indicating that tissues have been either embedded in paraffin or available on a slide,
  • A link to order the product from the repository.

Clicking the order link will navigate to the corresponding repository where you may place an order for the product.

Order Mice section of the Cib2 gene page

Please cite:

The IMPC production paper when you publish on products ordered from us: A resource of targeted mutant mouse lines for 5,061 genes, Nature Genetics 2021.