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increased heart weight


Definition: greater than average weight of the heart compared to controls

decreased liver weight

Synonym: decreased hepatic weight, reduced hepatic weight, reduced liver weight

Definition: reduced average weight of the bile-secreting exocrine gland

abnormal QRS complex


Definition: anomaly in the largest-amplitude portion of the ECG, caused by currents generated when the ventricles depolarize prior to their contraction

shortened QT interval

Synonym: decreased QT interval, reduced QT interval, short QT

Definition: decrease in the length of time required for ventricular depolarization and repolarization to occur, usually as a result of increased repolarization time, and is measured from the beginning of the QRS complex to the end of the T wave

decreased secondary somatosensory cortex size

Synonym: reduced secondary somatosensory cortex size, reduced secondary somatosensory cortex

Definition: reduced size of the area of the upper bank of the lateral sulcus that is involved in somatic sensation

abnormal KLRG1-positive NK cell number


Definition: deviation in the number of KLRG1 positive NK cells that represent a maturation subset of NK cells and is linked to NK cell proliferation

decreased CD8-positive, naive alpha-beta T cell number

Synonym: reduced CD8-positive, naive alpha-beta T cell number

Definition: reduction in the number of the nai?ve regulatory subset of T lymphocytes that are involved in MHC class I restricted interactions with a CD44-low CD62L+ phenotype

decreased memory-marker CD4-negative NK T cell number

Synonym: reduced memory-marker CD4-negative NK T cell number

Definition: reduction in the number of memory-marker CD4-negative NK T cells with a CD44+ CD62L- phenotype

abnormal myeloid cell number


Definition: any anomaly in the expected number of cells of the myeloid lineage

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