We’ve Made Some Changes: FTP Server Update


Published 10th November 2020

Some of our users may have already noticed structural and content changes on our FTP server since Data Release 12.0. All of our data remains open-access and free to use by all users.


Directory & Report Changes

Directory structure: we conducted file and directory reorganisation to make it easier for users to find the content they desired. This included better sorting so that releases are listed in correct numerical order.

Previous data releases had two separate directories for reports: ‘csv’ and ‘reports’. All reports are now to be found in the same folder, under ‘results’ in Data Release 12.0 and onwards

Report content: From DR 12.0 onwards, new reports will be published as csv.gz files. We have also renamed some reports to better express their content. We have also changed some of the column header descriptions within reports, ensuring standardisation across each release. We have added relevant columns, such as ‘Background Strain’.

Specific changes are detailed in the README file in the ‘results’ directory.


README changes

README files reflect the changes made and can be found throughout the FTP directory. We recommend users read the new README files before proceeding with using the FTP server. The README files come in two formats: .md and .txt. If your browser has a good markdown plugin, we recommend that you use the .md version due to its better formatting. The .txt version is available if preferred.

The IMPC website help and documentation page for non-programmatic data access has also been updated and can be found here.


Still can’t find the content you’re looking for? Get in touch using the ‘contact us’ page at the top of the IMPC web portal.


Published 10th November 2020