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Accessing the data

By gene

You can search for a gene of interest using the centrally located search box on the IMPC Homepage. You can type the mouse or human gene symbol or the MGI ID. If you type the beginning of a gene name you will be able to view suggestions. From the results page, click on the gene of interest to navigate to the corresponding Gene page. Example: Cib2.

By phenotype

Use the search box on the IMPC Homepage to find a phenotype of interest. In the results page, clicking on the phenotype of interest will take you to the Phenotype page where you will be able to view genes as well as the IMPC data that result in an association to that phenotype. Examples: polydactyly | incresased circulating HDL cholesterol level.

Using the FTP site

Here you can download all data, as well as dedicated IMPC reports.The FTP site can be accessed through the “DATA” section in the top menu of the IMPC Homepage or directly from here.

Using the API

You can access all data programmatically. Find the API documentation using the drop-down menus in the top of the homepage (section “Data”) or directly here.

Search static content

You can search the static content of the IMPC website using the search box on the IMPC Homepage.

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