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Clicking on a particular pipeline displays a list of the procedures that conform that pipeline. This is the list of procedures that conform the IMPC Pipeline. Each procedure is broken down into a set of multiple parameters that capture both data and metadata.

The column on the left shows the developmental stage in which the Procedure should be carried out in. The IMPC Pipeline procedures are performed in embryonic stages (e.g., E12.5, roughly 12 days post coitus), in the young adult stage from week 9 and ending by week 15, and in the terminal stage at week 16.

Unrestricted indicates that the procedure is not restricted to a particular week, such as the Body Weight procedure, where multiple weight readings are obtained throughout the life of the mouse to produce a weight curve.

Mandatory and optional procedures

Some of the procedures are marked as mandatory. Where there is no mandatory tick, the procedure is optional. Centres must submit mandatory procedures and are encouraged to submit optional procedures.

Procedure names

Each procedure has a name and a key. In the case of IMPC_ELZ_001, the key IMPC indicates which pipeline it came from, a three letter acronym indicates the procedure (ELZ will be used for all Embryo Lac-Z procedures), and the 001 on the end is the version of the procedure.

Parameters and ontology annotations

Clicking on the procedure name will take you to the protocol describing how the procedure should be carried out, what parameters are measured and the ontologies associated with them. Only measured parameters can have ontologies associated with them and not all measured parameters have ontologies. Ontologies are used in high-throughput annotation after the data is statistical analysed.

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