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IMPRESS is built on the concept of a “phenotype pipeline”: a sequence of individual procedures performed on a mouse at a specified age and organized to minimize interference from one procedure to the next. All IMPRESS pipelines are  available here.

The IMPC Pipeline is a core set of procedures and parameters to be collected by all phenotyping centers. It contains procedures that are done at various stages in mouse development, including the embryonic stage.

Centre-specific pipelines

Centres may also develop their own pipelines, including one or more additional Procedures specific to that centre. For example, Harwell-specific procedure Organ Weight [HRWL_OWT_001] inherits all the Procedures of the IMPC Pipeline Heart Weight [IMPC_HWT_001] and augments it with some custom ones like Spleen weight and others. Many centre-specific procedures do not have an IMPC equivalent and are special to a centre. Some centres do similar procedures but under different conditions and so these tests are considered seperate.

Pipeline identifier and versioning

Pipelines have unique identifiers as well as a number that indicates their version. The IMPC_001 key identifier indicates it is version 1 of IMPC Pipeline. Procedures and Parameters native to that Pipeline will have the prefix of the pipeline identifier present in their key as well. For example, Procedure IMPC_XRY_001 is version 1 of the X-ray Procedure from the IMPC Pipeline (though it does not indicate which version of the IMPC Pipeline).

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