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All measurements so far performed on IMPC mice are listed in this section of the Gene page. Note that more than one knockout mouse line may have been phenotyped. If that is the case, all will feature here. Example: Nxn. However, this is not the most common situation. Example: Cib2.

The icons in the upper right corner indicate the physiological system that has been shown to be significantly affected (orange) or not affected (blue) in the knockout mouse line. If no phenotypic tests have been conducted that link to a particular physiological system this is shown in grey.

Note there are two tabs, “Significant phenotypes” and “All measurements”.

  • The “Significant phenotypes” tab displays a table which lists the alleles for which a significant association to a phenotype has been found; the phenotype association, the sex affected and the most significant P value are shown.
  • The “All measurements” tab shows data in table and chart view. The table view shows all measurements, while the chart view displays the most significant results for each parameter; you can click on the legend to enable/disable data.

You can access all the underlying data by simply clicking on the corresponding rows in either the “Signficant phenotypes” or the “All measurements” table, or on the dots in the chart. Graphs display mutant and control data collected so far.

You can click/unclick the physiological system icons (top right corner of the Gene page) to filter data by physiological system.

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