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How do I use the parallel coordinates viewer?

The parallel coordinates viewer allows to compare variation across parameters for a particular mouse line, as well as across lines, for continous parameters. You can access the Parallel Coordinates Viewer under Data > Advanced Tools or directly explore the Parallel Coordinates Viewer for the cardiovascular system.

The values displayed are genotype effects. The measurement values are corrected to account for batch effects to represent the true genotype effect, thus allowing a side-by-side comparison.

You can use the interactive graph and table in the following ways:

  • Drag your mouse pointer on any parameter axis to select a region of interest and highlight the relevant mouse lines. The associated gene/s will be automatically filtered for in the gene table below.
  • You can click on a line to highlight it. The associated gene will be automatically filtered for in the gene table below.
  • You can filter by procedure. You can search for the parameter name in the IMPReSS pages to know more about it.
  • Click on any row in the gene table to highlight the corresponding values in the graph above. When you select a gene row, the parameter name in the graph will change to bold if genotype is significant.
  • Clicking on the gene name will open the associated gene page.
  • Reload the page to return to the default view.

To help visualization, we have added two special lines: the mean line, which shows the average genotype effect for all genes displayed; and the no effect line, which runs through the zero values to help visualize how a gene with no genotype effect for the measured parameters would look like. For large datasets, the mean and no effect lines usually converge.

The generation of this chart is computationally intensive and the number of parameters that can be plotted may vary from one machine to the other. If you notice the tool becoming too slow, please consider selecting fewer procedures.