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IMPC Chair re-elected

Professor Steve Brown of MRC Harwell has been elected Chair of the IMPC for a second term.  Steve Brown led the successful Eumodic project which was funded by the European Commission as  pilot for the IMPC.  He is Director of the MRC Harwell which is a leading international centre for mouse phenotyping.  He also heads a research group investigating the molecular genetics and pathobiology of deafness.

Steve Brown said, “ I am delighted to continue as chair of the IMPC.  We had had a successful first year and have extended the number of full partners of the IMPC to sixteen.  The phenotyping pipelines are in operation at many of the centres and phenotyping of the first lines is nearing completion.  During this next year we hope to attract more members to IMPC and increase the output of fully phenotyped lines.”