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On 29th June, Prof. Luigi Nicolais, President of CNR (Italian National Research Council), authorized the plans to initiate the construction of the CNR EMMA-International Monterotondo mouse clinic. The Monterotondo mouse clinic (MMC), supported in Italy by both CNR and ISS (Italian Higher Institute of Health), is a member of the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) and plans to participate in the generation of mutant mice from the International Knockout Mouse Consortium (IKMC) mouse mutant resource, followed by broad based primary phenotyping. The IMPC expects the ongoing programme to provide new insights into mammalian gene function and to be a major source of novel models of human disease, providing substantial information on the underlying genetic mechanisms of disease processes. As well as contributing to the IMPC programme, the MMC will be a centre for Italian scientists to access expertise in mouse phenotyping and the identification of novel disease models.

Prof.Glauco Tocchini-Valentini said:

“ The Monterotondo mouse clinic represents an important step in the involvement of Italy in the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium. The MMC will act as a major centre both to deliver our contribution to the IMPC, but also to help Italian scientists with the identification of new disease models, playing a vital role in the wider biomedical science community.”