Parameters for Procedure: Heart Dissection M-G-P_020_001

Procedure carried out on Week 16

Version Type Req. Upload Req. Analysis Annotation Increment Option Ontology Options Derived Unit Data Type
Body Weight M-G-P_020_001_001 1.0 simpleParameter Tick         Tick                         g FLOAT
Heart weight M-G-P_020_001_002 1.0 simpleParameter Tick         Tick                         mg FLOAT
Tibia Length M-G-P_020_001_003 1.0 simpleParameter                 Tick                         mm FLOAT
Visual abnormality M-G-P_020_001_004 1.0 simpleParameter Tick         Tick         yesno                
Description of Visual abnormality M-G-P_020_001_005 1.0 simpleParameter                                                 TEXT
Image M-G-P_020_001_006 1.0 seriesMediaParameter                 Tick Minimum: 1                 IMAGE
Histology abnormality M-G-P_020_001_007 1.0 simpleParameter                 Tick         yesno                
Histology description M-G-P_020_001_008 1.0 simpleParameter                                                 TEXT
Histology image M-G-P_020_001_009 1.0 seriesMediaParameter                 Tick Minimum: 1                 IMAGE
Pipeline No M-G-P_020_001_801 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick                                         INT
Age of mice when culled M-G-P_020_001_802 1.0 procedureMetadata Tick                                         INT
Method of tibia measurement M-G-P_020_001_803 1.0 procedureMetadata                                 xraydissected tibia                
Available fixed M-G-P_020_001_804 1.0 procedureMetadata                                 yesno                
Available embedded M-G-P_020_001_805 1.0 procedureMetadata                                 yesno                
Histology performed M-G-P_020_001_806 1.0 procedureMetadata                                 yesno